Saturday, June 25, 2011

A Mini-Tour of the Spencer-Jackson House

Since I'm a fourth generation swamp rat, it took me a while
to warm up to the Spencer-Jackson House-- a three story stucco with gray shutters and a wrought iron privacy gate.
The old manse is wedged in the middle of Rainbow Row, not too far from the Battery. 
Inside and out, the house is real imposing.
It scares the crap out of me.

I grew up on a Georgia peach farm, a place where the mud is red and the fruit is sticky-sweet. 
I'm not built for high-class living.
I am not built to live in a museum with oodles of breakable things.
I'm a put-your-feet on the coffee table kind of girl, and I prefer to eat Oreo Cakesters in bed.

Aunt Bluette's house in Bonaventure,Georgia.
Don't get me wrong--I know pretty when I see it--but I'm messy and clumsy. How will I ever get along with the Spencer-Jackson House? 
I'm trying to think of it as a gorgeous debutante who's fallen into ruin, maybe prostitution, and people deserted her for a while. Now, she's Botoxed, lifted, tucked, and filled with collagen.
She requires hours of vacumming, dusting, and fluffing.
But that's all right; I need the exercise.

Come on in, and I'll show you around.

The foyer has a curved staircase, antique tables, and portraits of pissed-off women.

 One hallway is cluttered and cozy, my kind of place. It leads to one of the back stairs plus a slew of closets and nooks.

To keep track of the layout, I gave each room an especial name.

The Whipped Cream Study

Yellow Brick Road Parlor
This room is pretty as a daffodil, but I seldom come here. There's just no comfortable place to take a nap, and everything is silky. If my mama were here, she'd say, "Teeny, this house needs a little dirt. Go make mudpies."
Should I?

The Pink Living Room

The Mint Julep Drawing Room
This is one of my favorites. The sofas are good and deep, the perfect place to curl up with a cookbook and plan menus.

The Raspberry Dining Room
I have probably violated a decorating law with the dining room. It was so formal, it hurt my swamp rat eyes. I rolled up the rug, then I took down the poofy curtains and installed matchstick blinds. I sewed white slipcovers for the chairs. It still needs something...but what?

 White Rabbit's Kitchen
At first, I was afraid I wouldn't get along with this room. But it won me over.
I do all my freelancing baking for the Picky Palate Cafe right here.

The Lime-and-Peppermint Morning Room

The Scary, Might-Be-Haunted Library
(Not that I believe in such things...but Sir won't set a paw in this room.
I'm thinking he knows something that I don't!)

The Itty Bitty Hallway

Teeny Touches
To make the house seem like home.

I hung mismatched plates in the sunny, back hallway.

Moby Dick's Sun Porch

Sir's Courtyard

Statue of the "sleeping girl."
(Wonder if she's dreaming?)
One thing I've learned this summer:
A home is more than antiques and architectural details--it's the place where all our scattered pieces come to rest.  

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